when you are kissing someone and all of a sudden their tongue gets stiff and hard like a boner.
Dude, I was kissing him last night, and all of a sudden he shoved his tongue boner in my mouth.
by redtoken June 05, 2011
Top Definition
During a very bad kiss where the kisser's tongue is hard and darting in your mouth.
That guy was cute but when we kissed, he tongue bonered me. So gross.
by jessorlando November 10, 2011
When someone describes a food so deliciously that the description alone gives your tongue an erection.
I was excited already, but when she started describing fluffy blueberry muffins, I got the biggest tongue boner ever.
by Ahuehuetl March 23, 2011
When something is so tantilizing to ones taste buds it causes an erection or stimulation of the crotch region.
Lindsey - "John I hope you like the Pork Chops I made for Dinner."

John - "Yeah babe those Chops totally gave me a Tongue Boner."

Wow that cheeseburger was so good it gave me a Tongue Boner!
by djJohnnyGrindle March 28, 2011
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