The act of eating soy sauce out of an Asian womans ass with a chopstick.
Bobby went home last night and thought he was going to get roast beef, but instead had a Tokyo lunch box.
by Adamweeee March 11, 2011
Top Definition
When you go down on a girl with chop sticks, and use them to spread her lips to reveal her clitoris.
I took this girl out for sushi last night, and took an extra pair of chop sticks home with me. When we got busy, I pulled out the chop sticks and gave her a Tokyo Lunchbox.
by Ramhole May 15, 2007
When two guys give a girl double anal and cum into her ass. They then dip sushi into the cum in her gaping ass and feed it to her.
that girl we met at the bar last night was such a freak she made us stop and get sushi so we could give her a tokyo lunchbox.
by RPratt December 02, 2006
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