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Madly nationalistic Korean.
A>>"The Korean said, North America was Korean colony in 5000 years ago"

B>>"He is tokdo"
by mer476 July 12, 2005
the South Korean Government's propaganda machine and cyber terror group;
a group sponsored by the South Korean Government whose members work actively to send pro-Seoul propaganda (spam) messages to multiple recipients worldwide, especially in order to suppress any opposing information shown on websites.
Thanks to the Tokdo, South Korea is one of top three countries responsible for sending spam.
by Abajian August 24, 2005
Korean name for Takeshima, which is an integral part of Japanese territory.
Koreans are frantically calling the island of Takeshima as tokdo which have no basis in fact.
by arcadian July 13, 2005
a restaurant in Seoul which serves Korean ethnic food
Try the A combo (8 oz. dog meat steak and 1 oz. dog brain serverd with dog soup, steamed rice and kimchi) at Tokdo. You will love it. (But you have to pay for what you have done, and it will cost you your life.)
by Shimane Ken October 13, 2005
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