"TOFL"-??????? On Floor Laughing, invented by thedailypos. Not much more is known about it.
"oh god that's hilarious, TOFL"
by TOFLMAN August 13, 2004
Top Definition
the only faggot laughing

GUY#2 .....

GUY#3 .....

GUY#4 "your tofl"
by 1^HiT May 30, 2006
The Acronym ROFL (Rolling on the floor laughing) mispelled, the official laugh of the Dynastynet.net IRC channel #melee.
TOFL that was hilarious
by mr_spoon September 13, 2003
(Tub Of Fat Lard)
Used in Msn Aol Yahoo etc
(MSN Convo)
Guy 1, Dud Our Teacher Such A Tofl
Guy 2, And a slut
by Htm May 21, 2008
Acronym for "Throbbing On (the) Floor Laughing".
May be used in place of ROFL in internet conversation, for example.
Brandon Flowers was so drunk that night he was TOFL.

by Emily Banana Jesus June 30, 2007
:to laugh violently enough to loose ones balance - "Tripping On Floor Laughing"
:to make fun of exaggerated £337$p33(h and net-abbreviations

From my buddy Rickard, who - in reaction to all ROFL's surrounding him exclaimed "TOFL".

TOFL sounds almost exactly like the swedish word for slipper, "toffel".
-WTF n00b | pwn joo!
by zond May 26, 2004
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