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A coffee done with few powder, weak enough to look (and tastes) more like tea.
Hey, I made u some coffee!

Thx, but i think u mean toffee.
by Caffein August 02, 2008
the master and founder of ipwned, toffee has a savage silver tongues that has left many women begging for more and many men scared shitless from his acute use of sarcasm.

be afraid, be very afraid.
dxd:omg joo faggot!1!!

toffee: stfu noob, i know you wanna suck my lightsaber like a cherry lollipop.

dxd: ...

toffee: damn straight punkarse bish, respect teh authority.
by Thomas Xavier June 25, 2004
Extremely camp president of ipwned.com.

Imagine the bastard love child of Big Gay Al and Boy George.

Spends his time being harrassed on IRC and MSN by the CEO of ipwned.
Toffee - I'm not gay mother fucker, I fancy (insert female).
dxd - You're as gay as the fucking village people, now shut up and iron my trousers.
Toffee - OMG k. >:(
by dxd June 25, 2004