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A holiday destination for middle/upper class people with more money than sense.

Usually in North Norfolk or The Cotswolds the tariff for a weekend's rental is over £1000.

These Toffages generally have basic facilities. No TV as middle/upper class people enjoy 'a jolly good' walk. May also have Trivial Pursuit with all the wedges missing.

Parlour games are the evening entertainment.

People who frequent Toffages usually have names like Crispin, Jemimah and Blake.
"Oh wonderful....James has booked us a New Year's trip to a Toffage in North Norfolk. There's no running water, it smells of damp and it's 500 pounds a night but we'll have a jolly good time."

"Oh Jeeves, do I HAVE to go to the Toffage this weekend?....Last time I was there I lost 5 games of Soggy Biscuit and had to have my stomach pumped...Timmy and Jeremy are such BEASTS!"
from 'Jeeves and Wooster go large', Wodehouse, 1952
by einstein7978 June 29, 2012
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