Hand over eyes/slapping forehead. Oh, the 'o' is an open mouth, obviously.
i_love_someoneorother98: Went to the school dance last night, and there were, like, three songs the DJ promised to play, then didn't. to

me: to
me: that sucks. D=

by microFroggie February 21, 2008
The manner in which truly "ghetto" people say something is "ghetto"
"Yo Lauren, those duct tape and cardboard shoes you made are so 'to!'
by Smokey Caboot April 13, 2003
T.O. stands for "totally Oswald". This is any extremely sappy romantic words uttered by a female describing her undying love for a man.
Fuck watching the Titanic, that entire movie is T.O. bullshit!
by Jim the man September 02, 2007
Terrell Owens, but really totally obnoxious.
Terrell Owens is T.O. (both definitions).
by Adrian November 23, 2006
1) Terrible Overdose

2) To overdose on prescription medication and then amadently deny it.
He had TO last night but said it wasn an accident
by The Verbalist September 29, 2006
an abbreviation to the phrase, "time out"
"The Jets called a T.O. to freeze the kicker in hopes to win a game."
by jetfan22 October 20, 2005
noun, formal

acronym for Terrell Owens, an American Football wide receiver currently playing for the Philadelphia Eagles.
Woah, TO is catchin' balls!
by sb March 01, 2005
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