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An undeniably enormous infatuation with the toes of ones desired partner. A toemance is more than a foot fetish, for it is the glorious matrimonial connection between two lovers solely through their toes. They cuddle with their toes, date with their toes, conduct in intercourse with their toes, known as toetercourse, and all sorts of other wonderful things partners do, but with their toes. Both partners share the same infatuation with each others toes, which is the difference between a simple toe fetish, and a toemance.

In some rare cases, a toemance can lead to all parties involved developing the ability to even speak toetapathicaly through their toes, and they do not even need to speak. They respect their toes, and the toes of their partners, and begin treating their toes like divine appendages. They pamper their toes, and walk on their hands to prevent wear and tear on their precious phalanges.
Yeah bro, Marrissa and Nathan are in a toemance, it's like bromance, except with their toes.
by WinterFox September 14, 2013
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