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The act of pursuing sexual movements in the vaginal area with your toe instead of finger to create pleasure for the women. To do: Stick your big toe into the women's veeg and move it around till she moans.
OMG he toed me soo hard!
by E-dawg, Sasssa and Skellsey February 11, 2005
The act of inserting ones toe into any female orifice, such as the vagina, anus, ear, and mouth. Once inserted you move the toe around until she reaches orgasm.

Sirjue invented this phrase.
Baby do you feel like toeing tonight?
by PervySirj February 28, 2010
Fingering with the toe
Jim "dude i had a fun time toeing Rebecca last night"
Ryan "that's totally sick dude"
by Rebecca Downs June 22, 2011
The word you use when you dont want to say coming.
My friend is toeing over in 30 minutes.
Im toeing right now.
by soggy Bottom Boys July 25, 2009
penetration of asshole using toe.
Mashfee got caught toeing Nicks's ass. And he's got a nice feedback! ;)
by toer May 17, 2016
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