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Noun. singular - "toe-nad".

Derived from the Latin "Tovus Naadoscumati" meaning "testicular addition to the foot", "Toe-Nads" are the result of a rare but nonetheless comical foot condition known as "Acute Ballsackonfootitis", wherein a male's testicles are actually located on his feet in place of the more common lateral arrangement of phalanges, often referred to as "toes".
Jimmy has toe-nads.

Jackson brushed against Jimmy's toe-nads.

Jackson is now coming to grips with his homosexuality.
by Gangly McDugan March 13, 2008
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When a guy's jeans are way too tight. Creates major ball-ache. Some girls find it really sexy, some just gag. Three variants. Sometimes the nads hang with the bone, sometimes they find their own leg. When they split the difference it gives the impression of soft buck teeth.
Shit, Conrad's got major toe-nad. Hey Con. need an aspirin?
by coblinsky May 11, 2008
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