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The definition derives from old England where convicts used to tie bits of shirt around their toes and feet as a make shift sock, hence "toe rag" means scoundrel, criminal, thief, indencent/unlawful person etc. It is sometiem seen spelt Tow Rag because the original context has long since been obsolete.
"Come back with my wallet you little toe rag"
by Carly Bourne September 18, 2006
Obsolete British insult: a toerag is a piece of cloth worn on the foot under the boot to substitute a sock, especially in winter, and by vagrants. Something that is squalid and disgusting; by extension, a bum, vagrant or tramp.

Preceded more obscene (and thereby effective) insults such as tosser or wanker. It has fallen into disuse also because it invokes an element of the old class system, snootishness and looking down your nose at the lower classes.
Leave them alone, Baz, they're just a bunch of toerags, they're not worth it
by Zwentibold May 11, 2007
A derogatory British insult made antique by more popular words (Wanker, etc); Used to describe one who is seen as worthless in Society.

The word 'toerag' is believed to come from a rag used to wash the feet with, making it very lowly thought of.
They were just a bunch of toerags anyway.
by Mitch Incognito September 04, 2003
Although usually used as a description of an unpleasant, obnoxious twit or the foot wrappings used in place of socks, it is also used to described dried, salted cod because of its strong unpleasant smell. By extension it was also used to describe other things with a strong unpleasant fishy smell.
Dave, I heard you dumped Millie, I thought you were going to give her one.
Nah! I got her clouts off and her min smelled like a load of old toe rag so I left it.
by Croatalin October 27, 2013
More commanly used in the sixties and seventies on Britcoms before trms like plonker and wanker superseded it.
You dirty little toerag
by titwanker April 11, 2003
a cloth or any material used to mop up any un-wanted siemen after a gentleman has edjaculated.
after masterbateing i used my grans curtain as a toe-rag!
by Hairyass March 29, 2004
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