the bendy joints on your toes
" I'm gonna give you a toe knuckle sandwich" (to kick someone in the face)
by Barry and Tamara July 18, 2003
Top Definition
1. A phrase used to describe the joint in a toe allowing it to bend. Phrase existing to differentiate between the common "knuckle", often only used to describe the joint in a finger.

2. Related to camel toe, when the clitoris is swollen enough to add a protrusion to the common camel toe, resembling that of the a "toe knuckle."

3. An individual whose intelligence compares more closely with that of a rock than a human being.
1. My toe knuckles are killing me after wearing those awful shoes.

2. While at the gym, the girl in spandex that was too small must have really liked me as I could totally see her toe knuckle.

3. Did you see that guy try to pick me up at the bar? What a fucking toe knuckle.
by I am Sancho July 15, 2006
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