The art of inserting one's big toe into another's anus for pure pleasure.
"Did you toejam her last night?"
"Nah, bro. She didn't have any nail clippers at her house I could use first."

"I'm really into toejamming."
"Sweet, just let me take my sock off."
by Romeo's lover & the blonde one December 31, 2011
the build up of sock lint that is mixed with toe sweat usually found in between the toes and tastes like chicken. sometimes greenish-grey color.
Did you pick your toe jam before you went to bed last night?
by Sparky Austin October 07, 2010
Its like fisting, but with your foot. If she sneezes, it could break his foot. If he sneezes, she could die...
Theres no traction there, she likes to toejam
by Avanda December 08, 2008
sweaty and sticky build up of fungus and dead skin in between may also result in a rash
Damn that trollop Kiralee had some nasty toe jam
by Pj & Tj November 29, 2007
The act in getting your friends toe dipping it jam or jelly and shuving it up someones asshole
"Duuude go get someone to help you toejam that faggot over there"
by tony rizzutti September 07, 2007
The shit that gets stuck between your toes after toe-fucking a girl in the ass
Dude, I toe fucked this bitch in the ass and after, I looked at my foot and there was toe jam between my toes.
by Bent Rod May 30, 2011
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