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Slang for the medical condition Brachydactyly type D, aka Clubbed Thumb Syndrome. The condition results in short and broad thumb or pair of thumbs which will resemble the big toe.
Megan Fox has Toe Thumbs.
by asaturn June 22, 2009
Thumb(s) shaped like a toe, often with short fingernails caused by excessive biting. However it's not just the nails as the overall shape of the thumb resembles that of a toe.
Not only is Megan Fox a skank, she's even got toethumbs!
by Miro June 24, 2009
when the top half of one's thumb is disproportionately wide and stubby as if it were squished partially into the knuckle
i looked over and saw her toe thumb and thought she should have some flip flops on her hands
by John Hole June 20, 2007
The abnormality of ones thumbs leaving them to be shaped like big toes.
Often caused by incestral relations
'' dude your thumbs look exactly like toe thumbs ! ''
by Zuzutakatakzimbarbia December 05, 2007
The abnormality of one's thumbs leaving them to be morphed and disfigured looking like toes.
Toe Thumbs often called TT's are usualy caused due to the
incestral relations within one persons family over a long period of time.
''dude your thumbs look like toe thumbs ur family are inbread ¬_¬''
by Whiteboy Jesse December 11, 2007
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