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meaning to pull a 187 on somebody
ay homie i'm going to toe tag that
by shadow January 27, 2004
59 18
to kill somebody
"toe tag a motherfucker leave em under a cover"

-Lil john and the eastside boys
by Big Pimp Shach April 04, 2004
44 10
1. A method of identification of bodies in a morgue. A label on string tied to a deceased persons toe with their name and other information on it. Anklebands (like the wristbands you get when you visit a hospital) are now more common.

2. (Slang) To kill somebody.

1. "Who is the guy in drawer 17 Tim? I didn't see him admitted?"
"Erm, let me check his toe tag."

2. Man, I'm gonna toe tag that asshole, gimme my gun!
by Stiff Cookie August 17, 2008
32 4
An internationally successful internet business focusing on adult movies, flying cars, internet proliferation and world dominatio.
Toetag Inc. can be found at
by toe October 15, 2004
3 4
the art of killing someone sexually
If I banged you; all you would be left with is a toe tag!!
by VIPER1 July 10, 2008
7 26
One (often female) who is characterized as an unenthusiastic sexual partner.
As a person, she is very nice, however in bed she is a real toe tag.
by Dwight Frank October 05, 2005
9 32