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meaning to pull a 187 on somebody
ay homie i'm going to toe tag that
by shadow January 27, 2004
1. A method of identification of bodies in a morgue. A label on string tied to a deceased persons toe with their name and other information on it. Anklebands (like the wristbands you get when you visit a hospital) are now more common.

2. (Slang) To kill somebody.

1. "Who is the guy in drawer 17 Tim? I didn't see him admitted?"
"Erm, let me check his toe tag."

2. Man, I'm gonna toe tag that asshole, gimme my gun!
by Stiff Cookie August 17, 2008
to kill somebody
"toe tag a motherfucker leave em under a cover"

-Lil john and the eastside boys
by Big Pimp Shach April 04, 2004
An internationally successful internet business focusing on adult movies, flying cars, internet proliferation and world dominatio.
Toetag Inc. can be found at
by toe October 15, 2004
the art of killing someone sexually
If I banged you; all you would be left with is a toe tag!!
by VIPER1 July 10, 2008
One (often female) who is characterized as an unenthusiastic sexual partner.
As a person, she is very nice, however in bed she is a real toe tag.
by Dwight Frank October 05, 2005
To have sex with a person until he/she passes out.
Friend 1: Yo I toe tagged Ashley last night.
by Ssjss March 31, 2016
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