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A ring worn around the toe, usually the second one.
The lifeguard looked good in her toe ring.
by 64775835 March 31, 2006
small moon shaped ring worn on womens feet. usually cute young beach girls and porn stars.
damm! even her feet are sexy, especially with those cute toe rings.
by amanda October 21, 2003
A toe ring is when you stick one of your toes up someones arse, you pull it out and you're left with a nice brown ring on your toe. This is called a Toe ring.
Johnny was doing a spot of up-hill gardening when he slipped over and his toe went up freddies arse leaving him with a lovely toe ring.
by CamillaParkerBowels April 30, 2011
one who roams a desert or any sandy surface looking for stray undomesticated camels or dromedaries
Was he a bedouin, or just a toering?
by pk_1 October 20, 2010
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