A hundred times better than Totally!
"Let's have another beer."
by Gar & Liane January 20, 2008
Top Definition
A way to say 'thank you' or 'thanks' - off of the Hebrew word 'todah'
Ex. Todes for the ride home last night.

Ex. Todes for listening to my problems.

Ex. I want to say todes for the Broadway ticket. It was so generous.
by KGByall March 26, 2009
To constantly on the field of battle exclaim "I cant believe how accurate they are"
TEATossed Salad <killed LAW> TEA Todes Angst

Todes " I cant believe how acurate that guy is"
by Tossed Salad March 17, 2005
(syn. told) past tense for tell.

a ghetto term used by everyone. a new vocabulary word that will appear in the next dictionary edition 2003-2004.
often used in a situation where someone is right and the other is wrong. the right person would say, "i tode you so."
by Ling III July 31, 2003
a fode with a chode head
look up fode and chode for exact definition
Wow Matt, you have a really long penis but your head is huge... That is such an unproportional penis... hahahahaha YOU GOT A TODE!!!!!!!!!
by Jareem Cabduul Stabaar January 27, 2005
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