A hundred times better than Totally!
"Let's have another beer."
#totally #way cool #definately #for sure #you bet
by Gar & Liane January 20, 2008
Top Definition
A way to say 'thank you' or 'thanks' - off of the Hebrew word 'todah'
Ex. Todes for the ride home last night.

Ex. Todes for listening to my problems.

Ex. I want to say todes for the Broadway ticket. It was so generous.
#thank you #i appreciate you #you rule #you're so kind #you're thoughtful
by KGByall March 26, 2009
To constantly on the field of battle exclaim "I cant believe how accurate they are"
TEATossed Salad <killed LAW> TEA Todes Angst

Todes " I cant believe how acurate that guy is"
by Tossed Salad March 17, 2005
(syn. told) past tense for tell.

a ghetto term used by everyone. a new vocabulary word that will appear in the next dictionary edition 2003-2004.
often used in a situation where someone is right and the other is wrong. the right person would say, "i tode you so."
by Ling III July 31, 2003
a fode with a chode head
look up fode and chode for exact definition
Wow Matt, you have a really long penis but your head is huge... That is such an unproportional penis... hahahahaha YOU GOT A TODE!!!!!!!!!
by Jareem Cabduul Stabaar January 27, 2005
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