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3 definitions by KGByall

A way to say 'thank you' or 'thanks' - off of the Hebrew word 'todah'
Ex. Todes for the ride home last night.

Ex. Todes for listening to my problems.

Ex. I want to say todes for the Broadway ticket. It was so generous.
by KGByall March 26, 2009
When something is beyond just being obvious; an emphatic form of obviously. (It's a hard 'ch' like 'challah' bread)
Ex. When I see a penny heads-up I chobviously reach down to grab it.

Ex. Realizing the steam was melting my washroom walls, I chobviously turned off the shower.

Ex. Do you want two tickets to the Stanley Cup Finals? Chobviously!
by KGByall March 26, 2009
Expressing or exclaiming anger, annoyance or impatience; a form of the swear word 'fuck.'
Ex. Fargit! I forget my keys!

Ex. banging your knee on the side of a desk FARGIT!

Ex. Can you please stop talking so much? Fargit...
by KGByall March 26, 2009