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1. toblerone and owned mixed together
meaning. when you take a toblerone candy bar and shove it someones ass!
also can be toblerown or toblerowns
person 1: "IM gunna toblerown you"
person 2: "Please NO!!"
Person 1: "KHA-CHA!"
person 2: "GAHHHHH! dude you jut shoved a toblerone in my ass wtf!!!"
person 1: "YEA. I toblerowned you BI-ACH! Next time don't take a bite without asking!"
by Lysander!!! December 27, 2006
The word toblerowned is a compound of 2 words. The first being toblerone; a well known tasty chocolate brand. The second being owned; a word used often in the gaming community for over-ruled, dominated, destroyed etc. Fused together they become the humerous word of "toblerowned"
Player from clan A. "We're gonna win tonight!"
Player from clan B. "Too right, we're gunna get toblerowned!"
by threesixty June 20, 2006
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