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totally in agreeance with someone, somebodies, or something. Can be used by all races unlike toats my goats which is similar in deffinition and a common mis-pronunciation.
dude: i just slapped da bass my boys.
boy: oo toats ma goats, can you help learn to slap da bass?
by j sag October 26, 2009
word enhancer can be happy sad angry etc.;also a holiday on march 27 when you see an alligator and many other specific things.
example1*Toatsmagoats you guys!
example2*jesus christ toatsmagoats.
by toatsmagoat word enhancer April 11, 2009
To tell someone to give you a blowjob in a childish manner. Often used when a game or argument has been lost..
John: "dude you shouldnt have won game, those were awful goals"

Jack: "hahaha toats magoats!"
by Yjacob June 25, 2011
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