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Those really neat things that you can buy almost anywhere in a box, that you bring home, put in the freezer, then take out in the morning and put one in the toaster and then let it toast. If you are a good toaster waffle maker, then your toaster waffle will not turn out squishy, like mine do. They come in many flavors, such as the plain type, chocolate chip, and...others that I can't think of. They are waffles, only smaller and not as good as the ones you could make with a waffle iron thing, but still good.
Person A: *takes toaster waffle out of package, puts in toaster*
Person LMNOP: Hey, toaster waffle!
by tashers April 26, 2006
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Toaster waffles are the totaly awsome breakfast food that takes like 30 seconds to make!!!
man: Hey mom! im hungry!
mom:Make some waffles!
man:Mom! im 45 years old, i don't have the time!
mom:There is some toaster waffles in the freezer
man:Sweet!!! now i can get back to my W.O.W. faster!!!Thanks mom.
by robertdesantis November 04, 2010
the thing my friend yells when he grabs his girlfriends boobs
When he yells toaster waffles only 2 thing could have just happened: he either grabbed her boobs or hes in a good mood.
by bcrox May 06, 2008
a waffle that is toasted
grace: im going to make me a toaster waffle (hillybilly accent)
by jebend sally May 31, 2009

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