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A face that basically says "Wow, you are incredibly strange! Are you for real? I am amused and disgusted by you!!! I am so sure!!!"
When Stacy pretended to meditate on the floor in the middle of the large mall full of holiday shoppers, many passers-by gave her the toast face.
by Emma August 26, 2003
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A word to describe a person that looks as though they have just popped out of a toaster.
Specifically, hair stood up on end, face red, dazed expression.
"Oh my goodness, have you seen Oli this morning, he has such a toast face."
by pandawild February 13, 2014
The face created after on eats toast at a very enjoyable and rapid speed. Looks like this:


You can do it at home! Simply press colon. Then press three. Now you're toast facing! Use it for toast time!

Star scream.
"i cant believe its not butter! omnonmnonmom! :3! (MAKES TOAST FACE)" - Starscream

"You've failed me for the last time. AGAIN!" - Megatron

"I hate this family! I wish i WAS NEVER BORN! meheheheheheheawww D : " - Star scream

by COCK JOKE3231 June 01, 2009
An amazing band from Chicago, IL.
Did you go to Toastface's show last week? They effing rocked!
by travelandsuch December 10, 2010

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