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term used by Indian-descent Dunkin Donuts associates when a person orders a bagel.
Customer: Hi I'd like a plain bagel with butter please.
Dunkin Donuts: Would you like it toashted?
by Most Valuable Toashter November 25, 2006
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Subway slang for warming up one's sandwich sub. When the Subway workers are taking someone's order, they tend to slur their words. So, when they ask if you want to heat or toast your sub, they may say "Do you want it toashted?" It is quite common and makes your interactions with them more personal with such quirks, much like your uncle who slaps his knee every time he makes a corny joke.
Kumar: Hello! Thank you for coming to Subway! How may I help you?
Danny: Ah, yes, could I get a footlong Italian BMT on oat?
Kumar: Okey doke. Would you like it toashted?
Danny: Oh yes! I love a nice, warm sub!
by @Mr.Toashty February 22, 2017
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