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A person that should be a subject of derision or mockery. Also, an inedible fungus.
Really, don't even try to make a comeback, you toadstool.

You have never, will never have sex with my mom. Don't be a toadstool.

Be careful about eating toadstools.
by JoOpel August 22, 2005
17 4
Something you NEVER see a toad sitting on
Have you ever seen a toad on a toadstool?
Me neither.
by Ky'lath August 05, 2008
15 9
The bizarre sexual act of squatting like a toad and relieving yourself on your partner.
"Jess did the toad stool on me last night."
by Dylan Hewson May 28, 2005
7 6
A short and fat penis.
Girl 1: I finally slept with that tall guy and he was equipped with a short fat stump.

Girl 2: Ah, another victim of the toadstool.
by barbiesboobs December 16, 2011
3 3
psychedelic mushrooms
we got fucked up on toad stools and stared at the wall for hours.
by Schopperation Desert Schopp July 28, 2003
1 1
a male who looks like a toad and will leave severe permanant lesions on your rectum.
Stay away from that toad stool or your rectum will seriously regret it.
by Starlight187 July 06, 2010
0 2