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First coined by The Monarch in the wildly popular Venture Brothers cartoon, this is a figurative sarcastic list which has events and tasks that are totally lame and simply unwanted.
-Hey little Johnny, can you do me a favor and clean the gutters sometime today?

-Ya, I'll just put it on my to-don't list.

-Oh don't be such a little shit. I'll give you some Fig Newtons afterward!

-Again. Fuck you, mom.
by Barnaby J. July 16, 2008
Like the "to do list" but with things one doesn't want to do.
Person A: Are you going to *lame person*'s party?
Person B: Nope, that's definitely on my to don't list.
by PZnaty December 26, 2007
The opposite of a "To-Do List", and isn't literally a list, but just an expression. Normally used when a friend/collleague/person says something that you should do/get and don't agree with. First appeared on the G4 TV Show "Code Monkeys".
Friend: "Hey, you should get that thing for that."

You: "I'm going to put that on my "To-Don't List"."
by Blinkovision July 28, 2011
A list of things that you don't want to do.
A: Lets go to that ballet!
B: Yeah, (sarcastically) I'll put that right on top of my to don't list.
by jzokel February 27, 2010
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