The act of performing analingus on a women in the doggystyle position
hey sweety while your back there, you mind going to the batcave!
by hayden1234 December 09, 2010
Top Definition
While doing a girl from behind, subtly grab a flashlight and flash it towards the ceiling. Once she's distracted and confused by the light, scream "TO THE BATCAVE", and slam it in her ass.
I went to take my girlfriend to the batcave.
by thokkdench May 17, 2015
Similar to get to da choppa in that "the batcave" or the destination is already known by all. An excited phrase Often used along with a superhero like hand gesture. (both hands out in front of you. Or only one. One is acceptable)
Entering the liqour store, you may yell "to the batcave" . Entering a party is also a "to the batcave!" occasion.
by L and L October 12, 2008
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