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A funny show where grown hairy men chat online with who they think is an underage girl who wants sex. But there really talking to a cop. So, the decoy give them directions to get to there house that really has hidden cameras everywhere. So when the decoy reels in the pervert a man named Chris Hanson comes out and confronts the pervert. After that Chris tells him hes on national television after that Chris lets him leave outside to be arrested and YAY they caught a perv! Pure genius! Comes on nbc alot at night.
To catch a predator is the best show ever!
by BL1NX August 05, 2007
A great/awesome show on t.v. that shows teenagers and people what people, a lot of them, on chatrooms looks like. Doctors, teachers, miltary people, all alike, get arrested because they can't keep their sexual fantaises inside their minds.

What they do is have PJ- Perverted Justice, come online into chatrooms such as AOL and Yahoo and pretend they are teenaged boys and girls that are sexually curious about sex and that are willing to have sex with these full grown-adults. The predators drive to the house that has hidden cameras set up everywhere and the police from the town/city waiting next door in a different house or outside so that when they try to run away or walk outta the house they are arrested right away.

Some of these people had it going for them, like the teachers and miltary people, but blew it because they wanted to have sex with someone who claimed to be underage.

Also, Chris Hansen rocks. And he's very intelligent.
hollisterrawksmysoxzzz: yea will you teach me how to do that?
Hornymale21: sure baby, then maybe afterwards I can teach you new tricks you can peform on me, you'll like it hehe.
Hornymale21: what if youre a cop or a adult from to catch a predator?
hollisterrawksmysoxzzz: dont worry baby i'm not. i'm really 13..
by Laksdkdk November 13, 2007
A show where poor people get tricked into traveling miles to see a fake kid they met online so they can discuss candy and unicorns and eat nachos while the adult discusses the dangers of online chatting. Then a monster named Chris Hansen comes and picks on the people trying to help the kids and then the police come and arrest the people for no reason.
I felt so bad for that guy after watching To Catch a Predator.
by Ieathands November 04, 2010
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