the hilt is the part of the sword that shields the hand or is the transition part of the sword from blade to the handle. literally means to go all the way one can with the sword "take it to the hilt" ... but is used as a metaphor in all situations.
the hilt prevented his hand from being injured when his hand slipped off the handle.

i pressed it to the hilt before that bear finally relaxe.
by buck tillemans July 02, 2006
Top Definition
the phrase that is yelled out when a man wants his lady friend to deepthroat him, not the mighty thrust of a broadsword where every inch of its deadly blade is stuffed into some poor sucker's belly stopping only when the righteous hilt is pressed against the flesh of the victim.
Jane, i want you to take it to the hilt tonight. TO THE HILT!! -with arm upraised in a commanding manner-
by dutch mcgregor May 05, 2007
For use when getting stoned/high/pied/wasted on either hash/blow/pot/dope/weed and or crack
"man...I'm stoned to the hilt"
"dude, i was pied to the hilt last night"
by L33z0r June 18, 2006
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