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the part of a sword thats under (if held upright) the guard its also the part that you hold or the part that sticks out when sheathed and is usually around 1/4 the length of the sword.
joe:Don't throw unsheathed swords at me! >:<

Carl:Just catch the hilt and you'll be hokay -_- .
by ykcir00222 November 09, 2009
the cover for a sword save the hilt and guard that prevents you or others from accidentally getting cut
qaz:*slaps varg with sheathed sword*

varg:crap! that would've cut my head off if it wasn't sheathed!

qaz: :3
by ykcir00222 November 09, 2009
japanese: then what?
Grimmjow:(desu anata yatsu tomodachi?) are you his friend?

Shinji:(iie) no.
Grimmjow:( sa-te ) then what?
Shinji:(kamawanai kokoro) never mind
by ykcir00222 July 22, 2009
the part of a sword thats above the hilt and below the blade that prevents other swords fom hitting your fingers.
samurai1:*swings sword down opponents blade.

samurai2:guard automatically blocks* haha
by ykcir00222 November 09, 2009
japanese for can't
bob: ho kami korusu da!! (oh god kill it)

bill: watashi wa dekinai (I can't)

bob: doshite nai? (why not?)

shirimasen ( i dont know)

bill: kasu (shit)

bob: shite imasu shimatta ( i know damn)
by ykcir00222 October 28, 2009

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