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When a person has performed oral sex on a women and gets nothing in return, then gets asked to leave.
Nick- Yo Deets you take that chick home last night

Deets- uhhhh yeah........

Nick- Hell yeah man ur a boss. you fuck her?

Deets- no man... i gave a to go box

Nick- Dude.................................
by Togoboxgiver69 October 21, 2011
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a female who is viewed (often rightly) as good for taking home for a one night stand and not much else
Michael was all about gettin' some strange one night, so he went to the club and scoped around 'til he found his to-go box for the evening.
by Urban Hawthorne August 07, 2010
Facial hair surrounding a man's face, but not a full beard simlpy there to enjoy the remains of 'eating out' with his woman.
person a: "dude, look at that guy's face!"
person b: "what about it?"
person a: "he has a total to go box!"
by c-co August 15, 2009
To-go box A woman that like to sleep around and her vag.
I threw one in that broads to-go box last night!
by c.libert October 27, 2006

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