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v: I've only heard this in Ireland, but it can be used to do something with great passion and drama,or using the word to replace another word to emphasise it.
I fucked the snowball right at his head!
The cops came,and we fucked it away to Rob's house!
Here,fuck it over that wall!
by alkalinesam February 26, 2005
Apart from the basic meaning of the verb to fuck, it is also derived from the meaning to hit sharply, or get even, for example:
"Wait, wait, wait and see how they fuck you", or more extreme version: "to fuck the shit out of him"

The question of how serious the threat is by saying "I'll fuck you" was discussed in two judgments of courts in Jerusalem.
by Eckersley June 14, 2016
An insulting word for tofu.
This tofuck is shit!
by Anonymous August 10, 2003
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