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To concede a game. A losing player is said to 'scoop' up all of his pieces.
After I took Feldy's queen, he scooped.
by RHFiend June 23, 2005
To be so upset about someone copying something from your private forum that Makin Bacon put this up here:

to "diva"

"verb: The act of copying posts from a private forum and showing them to nonmembers with the intent of causing trouble.

"If we give her access to that folder she is likely to pull a diva" "

But then to be a hypacrite and turn around and do that to someone elses forum. and apologize thinking it makes it all ok.
Can you believe she pulled a 'scoop' after she was so up set with it being done to her.
by sillygirl June 24, 2004
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