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Nike trainers.
Nike Tns
by Andy September 18, 2003
71 70
Tactical Nap. When you're out on a big night, to make sure you don't peak too early, have a TN so you can go the distance.
What are Yura and Lily doing over there?

They're having a TN.
by tennistour64 March 31, 2011
70 26
"Text me what's up for tn."
by qwerikaty March 28, 2010
44 29
a abbreviated form of that's nice, usually used in a sarcastic manner and expressed in a sassy way.
Friend: "I went to a party the other night and damn, there were so many hot chicks there, couldn't stop myself from getting wasted!"

Me: "Tn."
by middlepumbaa November 30, 2013
5 0
Turbo Nerd
steve"hey man lets party"
Jacob"no I have to study"
steve"your such TN"
by 69yeah May 16, 2009
34 30
Stands for "Trippin Nuts", slang for being high or drunk at a large degree. Usually pronounced as (tee-end) in a sentence. It's also an abbreviation for the state Tennessee, various schools, and businesses. It is currently not a popular slang but is mostly used in "stoner" communities. This saying's possible origin could be central Iowa or Colorado.

-correct me if I'm wrong.
1. Bob - "Hey Rick how ya doin?"
Rick - "I'm f**kin' TN'd man!"

2. Bob - "Hey Rick where ya from?"
Rick - "Parkview, TN (tennessee) and you?"

3. Bob - "I'm from Narnia man"
Rick - "Yeeahh! Bob is soo TN'd guys!"
by Rico Swah Vay January 01, 2008
16 20
The shoes that us adlayz wear. Roll people for these shoes lad. Can't afford them ourselves, you know? Same thing with our Canterbury and nautica hat's lad. Why buy it when you can steal it?
Lad 1: Eshayz, just stole these TN's off that 20 year old faggot. I also got myself 20 cents.
Lad 2: Eshayz adlay!
by Mac Field Rep July 10, 2009
17 23