Tell Me More. The opposite of TMI (too much information)
Person 1: "Oh my god. So we went on this date, and then I started kissin' on hir...."

Person 2: "Whoa!! TMM"
Person 1: "did you say TMI or TMM?"
Person 2: "definitely TMM!"
Person 1: "Okay, so hir tongue is in my mouth, and we're in the dark part of the party and there's all this left over cake on the table next to us and..."
by lil'snoopyjr. April 29, 2010
Top Definition
That made me smile, a more truthful version of acronyms such as lol, lmao, and rofl.
Dave: I am awesome at getting pissed!
Tom: tmms, you are such a tard!
by TomatoPoo December 06, 2007
That made me smile.
(For use in text.)
Tyler: U look good as hell!
Kristina: TMMS
by Tyler(#1) September 29, 2007
Short for too much makeup. Used when a girl walks by wearing close to five pounds of makeup.
"That last girl had some major tmm problems."
by Speedy Elephant September 06, 2004
too much milk
Steve-i had tmm i think i got brainfreeze!

Georg-LOL ok dude
by norwegian..not really October 23, 2009
TMM= To Much Makeup!!!
omg check her out! TMM
by Louise n Em June 16, 2006
Acronym ( Australian Slang). Too much Muff. Denotes an unsolicited and excessive display of the pink taco . See Pink Taco
Britney's got a bad case of TMM
by Andres Fabian September 13, 2007

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