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That made me smile, a more truthful version of acronyms such as lol, lmao, and rofl.
Dave: I am awesome at getting pissed!
Tom: tmms, you are such a tard!
by TomatoPoo December 06, 2007
tmmbsl is used in instant messaging programs and emails etc. as an acronym for:

That made me big smile lol.

It is quite a complex "internet-speak" word because it incorporates an already used acronym within as well as using that nested acronym to just express humour rather than its literal meaning.

It is used when a situation is more humourous than to use tmms (that made me smile) but less humourous than lqtm (laughing quietly to myself).


Most widely used alongside an emoticon of a smile with teeth showing.

Another acronym that is part of the new wave of internet acronyms that are more truthful than current ones such as; lol, lmao and rofl.
Dave: ...Then the guy fell off the toilet and onto the poop he was just trying to clean up!

Roy: tmmbsl! :D

Dave: Yeah it is damn funny
by TomatoPoo December 07, 2007
To prelongate is the practice of changing the elongation back to what it was originally to show what you actually meant when confusion arises.

Used mainly in instant messaging programs and emails.

Used with words that have the same letter in the middle which could mean two different things according the number of that letter in the middle of that word.
Dave: Heeellllooo ddiiddd yoouu seee tthhaat awweeesoommee ccaarrtoooooonnn?

Roy: Wwwttff??!!? ddiidd Iii see thaat awweessoomee carrtoonn, off liikee miillkkk? I'mmm coonffuusseed...

Dave: Heyyy, I'lll prelongate itt foorr yoouuu: "Did you see that awesome cartoon?"

Roy: Oooohh rrigghhtt yyeeaahh itt wass bittchhiiinn, tthhee bitt whheeree thhee maaiinn chharractterr aattee thhat dooggss taaill Iiii LOLZOOORRREEDD!
by TomatoPoo December 07, 2007

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