Short for "Too Much Cod Syndrome". Cod being short for call of duty.
Teacher:"Why isn't Drew at school today?"
Student:"He's got a bad case of TMCS."

Guy1: "Did you hear Matt's completed cod on the hardest difficulty already?!"
Guy2: "Ouch, he's gonna wake up with TMCS in the morning"
#tmcs #cod #call of duty #games #too #much #syndrome
by Double Barrell November 17, 2009
Top Definition
Too Much Cash
Guy 1: You ain't got no cash

Guy 2: I rep TMC all day, get hip boy.
#money #cash #rich #wealthy #dough #broke #tcm #tmmc
by Regal_Gee January 01, 2011
Too Much Crack. A Cocaine/Crack hangover.
I've got a bad case of the T.M.C.'s. Why did we think it was a good idea to get another gram last night?
#crack hangover #stupified #getting after it #booger sugar #sniffles
by Bang Bang Nick Lange June 22, 2006
Too Much Clothing!
anytime you see a person which potentially has a nice body but they have on TOO Much Clothing for you to see anything. Fuck!! TMC!
#tmc #tmc!!! #too much clothing #tmi #take it off #frustrated
by bobsbob March 13, 2010
To Whom So Ever It May Concern;

TMC or more popularly known as To Whom So Ever It May Concern, is an acronym founded by two engineering students in their ubiquitous class talks. Later it was found that this TMC can literally be used in almost any situations, problems etc., with the by product of humour/laughter/fun, solving our day to day problems with TMC is considered a stress buster and helps in maintaining proper body metabolism.
TMC as NOUN-->> TMC cures all problems of a student.
TMC as PRONOUN-->> TMC makes as laugh.
TMC as VERB-->> Vikky is not capable of TMCing.
TMC as ADJECTIVE-->> Vikky tries to crack TMC jokes.
TMC as ADVERB-->> Vikky TMCily waited for his unknown girlfriend who never came.
TMC as PREPOSITION-->> TMC is the TMC of a TMC.

Rajnikant's son in law >> why this kolaveri di. ..?
my take >> T . M . C !! :D
#tmc #wtt #twseimc #twimc #tsmc
by techspidey April 27, 2012
the mad cracker
<cracker> fuck, im so mad!
by tmc October 06, 2003
too much cleavage
Your picture is showing TMC.
#breast #breastesses #chest #revealing #appealing.
by enrique_vega January 12, 2012
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