Also known as 'Tasty McDonalds Chick'-a term known for a extremely attractive overnight drive-thru employee who grabs the attention of slightly drunken college boys out for some midnight snackage.
"Thank you for stopping at McDonalds, how may I help you?"

"Whoa baby, you have a sexy voice. You must be the TMC of this fine establishment. May I acquire your telephone digits, por favor?" *winky face*
by MackenzieThisIsSooooYou February 15, 2012
The abbreviation for a television show called The Moustache Couple. The show is about a husband and wife who are both only married in an attempt to hide their homosexuality. It's currently on its second season (as of 2/28/2012) and is gaining more and more fans each day.
"Did you see The Moustache Couple last night?"
"Yeah, I love TMC!"
by Dixie Parksy February 28, 2012
The Moon Clan is the best known Latino clan in Runescape. It is made up by South American players as well as Central American players and Mexicans.
Dethmoon: Quieres ser Tmc? Cid Spain: Ethpaña, y ole! Tali_Legend: Me vale verga si no eres tmc xD
by talikings May 27, 2011
Text Message Constipation
Barbara: I sent you a text last week about that, don't you remember.
Kid Cudi: You sent that last week?!? I just got it, my phone must have TMC.
by Horny Johnny April 27, 2011
#1 Best Latin Clan since 2005!, leaded by Moon Dinasty, and through their road they have step in a deep shit (AW), they clear it till now those bastards beg for cocks :D!
Wow it's TMC!! Let's run from them, they are too powerful for us!!! 98 people!!
by Eleventaro December 10, 2010
thats mad cute
"so today i bought my girlfriend flowers"
by ejashuza February 16, 2010
the violently angered white boy
<whiteboy> fuxing shit ill kill you.
by tmc November 03, 2003
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