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Trolling My Ass Off - The act of trolling anyone and everyone in a desperate attempt to ruffle some feathers.
"What are you doing?"
->"nm, chillen, and tmao"
"like what?"
->"Shut yo nigga ass up"
by once upon a troll April 20, 2010
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typing my ass off
During finals I need to tmao because I have a 15 page paper due in the am.
by ucsb_baby_boy May 21, 2010
Tweeting My Ass Off - Tweeting on Twitter like there is no tomorrow.

TMAO indicates that you are unstoppable on twitter, so much so that people think you are a bot. You reach the API limit every other hour.

You really Tweet your ass off! I am so TMAO!!
Hahaha.. Twitter sucks! TMAO!!!

Guys check out this video I made - link - its hilarious!!! TMAO!!
by tantanoo October 14, 2009
text my ass off
im going to tmao with my new cell
by dsjfje April 30, 2009
That's my arrogant opinion.
This song is a hit, tmao.
by durang March 05, 2005

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