Top Definition
too lazy to explain.
when someone asks you to explain something but you're too lazy to explain.
dude #1: hey wazup you kno dat gurl I dated once
dude #2: yeah
dude #1: dat gurls a cray bitch she says she dont give a fcuk about me but shes talkin behing ma back to other guys she fcuks and ya wanna know what
dude #2: what
dude #1: i dont give a fcuk about her either she thinks shes too good for me but she aint shes gonna swallow those words like a damn hungry child swallows a fcuking piece of shit ya know
dude #2: yeah whatever

dude #3: hey, hello, what is he on about?
dude #1: tlte
by dr0dten July 06, 2012
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