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It means spoiled or only child. Also it is rapper 2 Chains nickname.
J is such a brat...he a lil tity boi.
by @Stefhunni November 22, 2013
A thug-acting suburbanite who talks too much about how much "pussy" he's going to get before parties. Similar to a fuccboi except tity-bois talk about getting busy and emphasize their street/hood mentality way more, even though they grew up in well-off homes. The tity-boi's of the world say "bro" or "breh" excessively, own multiple snapbacks , act tougher than they really are, and believe drake is the best rapper ever. They also tend to drive ford mustangs or dodge chargers bought thanks to daddy's money.
Jake: - "Bros, watch how much fuckin' pussy I'm gonna reel in tonight at this dope ass house party"

Jake's friend: - "Dude, stop being a tity-boi. Everyone knows you're not getting laid tonight."

fuccboi hardo douche
by The OG Tity-Boi May 14, 2016
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