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a sexual position where one person bones another through the eye socket and into the brain. after the violent banging is complete the living partner eats italian food.
i gave Dean a titwillican last night. i put his body in the dumpster.
by john February 14, 2004
A proper tit willican is when you are getting oral from a beezy, and you take a spoon and scoop out her eyeball, and then proceed to fuck her eyesocket. However, this is only a true tit willican if immediately following this act you eat Italian food (Pizza counts).
Dude, last night I was getting blown by this bitch, and all of the sudden she starts grinding her teeth on my shaft. I had to give her the old tit willican. Never have I ever had a better bowl of spaghetti.
by gnarly guy October 28, 2007

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