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Any situation in which a breast or pair of breasts are interfering with one's intentions, preventing one from going about their business and/or causing an overall ruckus.
1. Sorry I'm late, I had to stop and buy a new bra because the one I had on was creating a real tituation for me.

2. The cold temperature in here is resulting in a serious tituation.

by yomoniker March 23, 2009
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noun- a situation in which it involves you and a female with large tits that hinders/distracts you from your main objective/goal.
bill:hey did you finish filling out your time sheets?
bob: no i couldnt i was caught in a tituation with jill.
bill: Jill? who is jill?
bob: the intern with the tig ole' bitties...she is with human resources down stairs
by paulverlander May 22, 2010

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