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Teenage girls with large to huge breasts. Usually they flaunt them off to the opposite sex to show that they are not too young to try new things.
- That place is jumping with tittyboppers when spring break.
- The mall is full of tittyboppers trying to get laid.
by Kidchrist December 06, 2009
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Hoes that always try to get up on your man or steal him.
Boyfriend: "She's so nice!"
Girlfriend: " that bitch is just a titty bopper."
by Green53 January 19, 2017
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A female with extremely large breasts who has mastered the art of beating the shit out of drunk guys who leave the bar with her, or who she just doesn't like, entirely with her large uncanny bazooka balloons.
Jim: what happened to your eye there fella?

Ricky: man i thought i met a real nice lady last night, but turns out she was a no good titty bopper!
by phatcat513 March 29, 2011
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