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The name of a constipated cat.
Hey TITTLES! My God you're constipated....!
by turbo_fatter November 19, 2004
A human breast. More so a female booby. It has a distinct aureole and nipple!

I can see your tittles through your shirt!!

I wanna tweak your tittles.

That's my tittle!!
by Katy and Ryan March 08, 2009
skittles you eat off of a chicks tits.
Where did my skittles go?
I took them for some tittles!
by Dilly and Mega-tron February 17, 2009
Term used to describe developing breasts.
My daughter is finally getting tittles.
by Bento March 06, 2003
when a girl has very large knockers and almost skittle size nipples.
guy 1: wow july has some huge tits.

Guy 2: yeah but she has tiny nips.

Guy 1: u mean tittles.
by i <3 tittles August 05, 2008
when a small amount of yellowish brown liquid is secreted out of the male nipples.
by Anonymous April 11, 2003