Top Definition
while tittie fucking the girls boobs slap her face
i was tittie fuckin this one chick and she started tittie slaping her self.
by tittie slapped August 04, 2006
tittie slap is when you tittie fuck a girl and her boobs slap her face
i made that girl tittie slap her self hella bad.......haha
by tittie slapped August 04, 2006
1. A short Mexican man with an afro that slaps his tits in order to make others believe that he has at least half a testicle.
2. Where you slap your tits and swiftly spread your arms dramatically.
White Guy- "Can I store these balls in your afro, Tittieslap?"
Tittieslap- "-tittieslaps- Never, homes! I've already got like 4 of those!"
by douchebagupmybutt :( March 03, 2010
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