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a term used for small boobs
Look at the girl with the tittens!
by Tim Pizzle July 11, 2003
29 19
It`s actually a commonly used german word in order to bespeak the "female breast". Warning: Be advised to not use it in the presence of elders and betters due to its vulgar character.
Wow, Alter, die Braut dort drüben hat hammer Titten!

(= "Dude, check this chicks tits over there!")

Was meinst du, soll ich mir meine Titten richten lassen?

(= "Do you think I should fix my titties?"
by JuicyJulez May 10, 2010
14 1
The act of warming ones hands beneath one's breasts. Can be own or someone else's.
"I forgot my gloves, c'mere. Mmm, tittens."
by Jonathan Mohr November 26, 2007
11 3
small boobs, but firm enough for squeezing
yeh whatever you say that chick had tittens but i could still squeeze em
by Big B August 19, 2003
20 14
A special mitten that covers the breast's of a woman.
"My tits are so cold! Where are my Tittens?
by JAB's September 01, 2011
6 2
Little Boobies. More appropriate when describing little underage breasts.
Regenald: "Dude your little sister just hit on me."

Megosh: "Did she to show off her tittens."

Regenald: "She tried."
by Sam Straner March 23, 2008
5 1