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Addendum to definition No.2: A titfish may be enamored with their own tits, as well as the tits of others.

"Anonymous Girl has the biggest rack, and is a total titfish! She loves her boobs even more than I do, and I'm Titfish McGee!"

4. titfish: noun

Mermaid, especially with large attractive tits.

5. titfish: noun

Any fish that has tits. Can be due to a mutation; tit-shaped tumors, growths, warts, etc; or some guy who took the time to craft a pair of tits that could be strapped to a fish and did so.

6. titfish: noun

A woman in any type of swimming/aquatic equipment, especially with large, attractive tits.

7. titfishing: verb

i. The act or practice of being a titfish.

ii. Actively searching for tits that one may ogle/adore in

some way.

iii. Also ogling those same tits.
Using multiple definitions:

Two titfish, Titfish McGee and his partner, Governor Titfish, went to Titfish Lagoon to titfish the lovely titfish in their skin-tight scuba suits, witness the titfish produced by the nearby gene-altering toxic waste factory, and perhaps even catch a glimpse of the legendary and mythological titfish.

Titfish titfish other titfish.
by iknownothing123456789 January 21, 2012