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1. Another word for female genetalia
2. Good for when you have kids or cant say the bad word in social environment.
I sure would like to eat you tissy.

My penis fits in your tissy so nice.
by Darren Cole May 05, 2005
God's most divine creature to ever exist. With great strength, wisdom, natural beauty, kindness, and powers beyond this world, she exceeds all the powers of goddesses from Athena to Persephone. The definition of perfection cannot reach the level at which Tissy is at.
Person 1: "That girl is a perfect goddess"

Person 2: "She's definitely a Tissy "
#perfect #goddess #powerful #unique #wise #beautiful
by rythymtomysoul April 16, 2013
a girl who proudly dances like a white girl and is always the man in a relationship.
wow look at tissy she's doin it again.
#great #clutz #white #black #girl.
by marroletti March 10, 2009
noun, a breast (a nicer way of saying titty). Plural is tissies.
Wow, that chick got big ol' tissies.

Ow, you hit me right in the tissy!
#titty #boobs #titties #breasts #jugs #boobies
by SAC123 July 14, 2006
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