A complete waste of time and money in a graduate school program
Man, the GW MBA is the biggest tire fire ever.
by Rainmaker ZOG June 01, 2013
Top Definition
The act of two heavily obese persons having sexual intercourse with such vigor and friction that two spare tires create a blaze of fire.
That's a tire fire waiting to happen.
by Luffa August 25, 2008
Pronounced TAR FAR by hicks, this is a pile of tires that is constantly on fire in a small town called Springfield. They have never put it out, but that's only because they are too lazy to even try.
How did a giant pile of tires get into the middle of the town, let alone catch on fire and stay like that for years? Exactly
by beattie April 16, 2005
multiple penial-anal penetrations within a short span of time or simultaneously.
it was a total tire-fire at work today
by MF_Diamond September 21, 2010
A term used to describe a sex marathon in which many condoms are used.
Chris went to town on that girl all day. He was safe and used rubber everytime... It was a damn tire fire.
by Chris Nillz April 12, 2007

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