A big raised up 4 wheel drive truck/Jeep. Usually hooked up with whomp (sound system) and willy wonks (color tires).
Damn you see them taffy tire on Malik's new tipper?
by Juice Boxxx August 29, 2009
A term used for when one pours a large sum of alcohol in their glass to act 'big', and are unable to finish it, therefore tipping their glass away. Generally at a park or at a mates house.
Person 1: OH MY GOD!! Are you actually going to drink that?!
Person 2: OH HELL YEAH
Person 3: What the hell is she doing?!
Person 2: I told you she can't finish it.
Person 2: Oh my days, she is SUCH a tipper!
by Samurai_Jackson February 13, 2008
A homosexual, Queer, Fag, Gay, Fudge-Packer or anyone who likes touching the end of his penis off another mans.
Richie was caught bags around his ankles Tippin and that makes him a Tipper !
by ffiiggaa March 19, 2008
A man who enjoys Tipping his penis off another mans penis or another 'Tippers' for sexual pleasure !
Sean enjoys tipping with any man in sight ! Hence hes a tipper !

Sean enjoys victimising his friends, once victimised they are called 'tipping victims' ! These include Steve, Rob and Eoin.
by Deuce Bigalo......male jigalo January 28, 2008
The end of a mans penis where the urine is shot
I had a drop of urine on my tipper.
by Jackson County November 24, 2006
A person of very limited use.

Origin west midlands, England

Very much the same as a knob end or dick head.
"Lift it up you fokkin Tipper"
by Bobby Kanker August 14, 2003

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